Beautiful islands in eastern Indonesia is very well known to foreign tourists. An island located in the southeastern part of the island of Ambon, the island of Neira is one of them. Its natural wealth in the form of nutmeg to make the invaders came.

 The island is included in the Banda Islands and there is only one city in the archipelago, namely Banda Neira. To be able to achieve it does take a long time, but it will all pay off when he saw the beauty of the island.

City of Banda Neira is not too broad. You can ride around the island with the rickshaw, boat or motorcycle taxis. While enjoying the beauty of the island, there are several places of history that must be visited by one of them is the Palace Mini Banda Neira.

Banda Islands is not only known to have the old town of the eighteenth and nineteenth century are still well-preserved as well as many historical relics such as the citadel of colonial Indonesia and the home fighter had ever thrown into the area such as Mohammad Hatta and Sutan Sjahril, but Banda is also known as a place that has many objects amazing underwater tours. Not only in Indonesia but also internationally.

Islands in the middle of the extent of Indonesia's deepest sea is no longer familiar to fans of nautical tourism, especially those who like diving and snorkeling. The main attraction is the beauty of this island marine park and its diversity of fauna and flora that live in it.

Banda Islands at the edge of the trough in the Banda Sea in Indonesia. Around the island Manuk for example, the water depth reaches 6500 meters. Panorama marine parks in the region was undoubtedly its beauty. Almost every island in the Banda islands surrounded by marine park is rich with colorful corals and various species of fish such as around the island of Naira, the island of Gunung Api, Lonthor island, the island of Ai, islands and island Sjahrir Hatta.

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